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For hobbyists or small businesses, we now offer custom ICC profiles for desktop printers. If you are creating products or printing logos, good color matching is critical. We can help you fine tune your color management to get the perfect color match every time you print!

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Peculiar Wares for Particular People

Bugs, beetles, snakes, octopuses, spiders, dragon flies, mice….we love them all.

Well to tell the truth, we love the -concept- of bugs and spiders.  The real deal can freak us out a bit.

The Peridot Pig’s Peculiar Goods Collection is made up of cool finds from around the world. Some items may take longer to reach you, but they are well worth the wait!

Custom Print Services

Looking for that special personalized gift or accessory? Are you a small business owner trying to avoid buying and storing a ton of t-shirts and swag for your team?  Look no further! We have a solution for you here at The Peridot Pig.

No setup fees - No digitization fees - No minumum quantities!

Crafty Things & Little Wooly Creatures

With the restrictions around the pandemic, we had a ton of extra time on our hands.  Over the summer, we became obsessed with needle felting and sculpting with wool.  When added to the other fifty billion craft projects, we started to run out of room!  But there is only so much space for cool, little wool creatures. The beginnings of The Peridot Pig started coming to light.