CHECKLIST - Sublimation Printing Custom Color Profiling

  • Verify your printer driver version
  • Check your ink levels
  • Complete both vertical and horizontal print head alignments
  • Perform printer nozzle check
  • Perform print head cleaning (only if needed)
  • Download and install the Adobe Color Printing Utility (ACPU) software
  • Download the color-printer-test-page.jpg file from our download site
  • Download the appropriate Target Image .zip file from our download site
  • Print the color-printer-test-page.jpg file using your current print configuration to create a “before” print
  • Use ACPU to print a test Target Image to ensure all settings are correct
  • Verify the test Target Image
  • Purchase the appropriate Custom Color Profile Package from our website. Make sure to include your email address!
  • Download the Target Images specified in the purchase confirmation email and note your order number
  • Print your Target Images using the ink/paper/printer combination you want to profile
  • Allow your printed pages to dry overnight
  • Press the Target Images onto blank substrates to create your Target Prints for your profile
  • Add your name and order number to your prints. DO NOT write on the back of the image or on any of the colored squares
  • Print and complete the order information form provided in your purchase confirmation email
  • Carefully package your Target Prints and order information form and ship to The Peridot Pig at the following address:
The Peridot Pig
Attn: ICC Profiling Department
11395 Normandy Lane
Chagrin Falls, OH USA 44023
  • After we receive your Target Prints and order information, we’ll create your custom profile and email it back to you
  • Install your new custom ICC profile and print your “after” print


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