Solid Colors - 100% Cotton Pleated Mask


Maybe you just like simple in a mask.  Maybe the man is keeping you down at work and won't let you wear our more peculiar styles.  We understand and have you covered with these vibrant colors.

Available in many different patterns, we're proud to present these handmade reusable masksThis pleated style fits a wide variety of face sizes and shapes.

These masks feature the following:

    • 2-layer mask made of 100% triple-washed, quilting cotton
    • 8" soft stretchy cording for the ear loops
    • Replaceable aluminum nose wire
    • Contrasting lining fabric making it easier to tell front from back
    • Small stitching for longer durability
    • Silicone ear loop adjusters
    • Bottom opening to allow additional filter material
    • Origin: Made in USA
    • Pleated Dimensions:  7.25" wide x 3" high
    • Expanded Dimensions: 6.25" top to bottom



    Our face masks are non-medical grade 100% cotton masks. They are meant to be reusable and are made from household, quilting fabric. They are NOT a replacement for medical grade, personal protective equipment. The decision to use this mask is solely your own.

    Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.


    We suggest hand wash and line dry for masks.

    If you do machine wash, use the hand wash/delicate cycle.

    Do not tumble dry.

    The aluminum nose pieces will break if repeatedly folded and bent.  Replacement nose pieces are available for sale and easily replaced.

    Instructions for our Handmade Pleated-Style Masks:

    • Simply open the mask at the bottom filter opening and turn it inside out.
    • You'll see the aluminum nose piece at the top of the mask under a piece of retainer fabric. Remove the broken nose pieces.
    • Remove the plastic adhesive backing on the new nose piece and slide it under the fabric retainer piece.
    • Press the new nose piece in place with your fingers smoothing out any wrinkles.
    • Flip the mask back to right side out through the filter opening.



    Customer Reviews

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    Amy W
    Solidness within quality , comfort, and protectiveness with colors

    These masks are of great quality . They are comfortable to wear (coming from someone who has sensitive skin--they work well.) But they are also thick ( not overly ) and secure enough--well protective. One doesn't have to feel the need to double mask because air doesn't come through such as from the sides . I love the solid color options available specifically the shade of brown. It is exactly as pictured . Browns and gray solid color masks are hard to find in especially that shade of brown. ( though I wish they also offered burgundy or wine red as a color option as well.)
    I purchased these for friends who are Buddhist monks and nuns who can only wear particular solid color clothing--glad to be able to find comfortable, protective, solid color cloth masks they can wear during the pandemic.

    I also like that these masks also come with a filter slot --a feature that I am always looking for when choosing a cloth mask but isn't always available. ( If it is, the quality of the mask itself isn't as good or as protective.) The only challenges I found with the masks are: the filter slot--it's hard to actually get the filter inside the mask ( have to fold the filter stick it in and spread it out with your fingers . As someone who has a fine motor skills challenge, it would have been more accessible if the slot was somehow bigger. Though i do understand the logic of having the filter slot as it currently is for the overall protective functionality of the mask. The other challenge is the nose pin , it doesn't always stay on my nose so the mask slides down at times when wearing it . Though personally, the nose pin is safer than a nose wire in regards to it doesn't actually feel like it's going to stick out when it's going or coming out of the washer .

    If you've been looking for solid color masks that are also well protective, comfortable, and great quality , these are definitely worth it . The services are also great, the three day shipping option is well priced and updates of your shipment are well informed and consistent. The packaging is also well throughout and the wrapping of the masks is also great--you really do feel like you and your order are cared about .