Should I Personalize my Child's Backpack?

Should I Personalize my Child's Backpack?

Should I Personalize my Child's Backpack?

It's back-to-school season and personalized school supplies for those returning to in-person classes are super hot right now! The question about personalizing backpacks and clothing for younger kids invariably comes up. The thinking is that a predator might use their name as a way to appear friendly. The concept is certainly one to consider but there are plenty of ways to personalize and differentiate your child's backpack without printing their name across the front pocket. 

These other ideas include the following:

  • Add the personalization to the inside of the bag/backpack along with contact info 
  • Put their name inside one of the straps
  • Use a color coded design or icon on the backpack or a luggage tag instead of their name
  • Use initials or a monogram
  • Buy different color backpacks for each of your kids so they are not as easily confused. The Augusta Large Tri-color Backpack that we sell comes in 10 different colors!

In addition to backpacks, we can easily personalize water bottles, smaller organizer zippered bags, notebooks, journals and clothing so that your student feels special and you don't worry!


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