Amigurumi - Glenda the Gobbler


Glenda has a big mouth! She's not loud though...she just likes to cram stuff in her big mouth. She prefers candy but you could easily fill her with anything.  Her dream is to show up in a kid's Easter basket one day. Definitely needs to be a special kid that appreciates little monsters like Glenda or Gary. She's made of 100% wool that has been felted down to create her hollow body. Her arms are floppy and she has a little tuft of his turquoise blue hair on top.  Her eyes are a deep brown. 

Sorry, the candy is not included. Someone ate it all!


  • Height: 7.5"
  • Width: 9.55"
  • Depth: 5"
  • Weight: 90g/3.3oz
  • Main body: 100% Wool
  • Eyes: Brown plastic safety eyes
  • Ages: 3+ years
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Spot clean or hand-wash recommended
  • Sizes and colors may vary slightly since these are handmade. We'll be glad to send you a picture prior to shipping. 


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The Peridot Pig gift wrap paper

Sample gift wrapped packages

All amigurumi can be spot cleaned easily and effectively. Only some can be washed without damage. Amigurumi made with acrylic yarn can be machine washed like normal. Those made with cotton yarn can be washed on the gentle cycle but shrinkage may occur. Amigurumi made from wool should not be washed as they will shrink and the wool will felt.

Spot cleaning can be effective to clean small spots that are surface stains. Dampen a clean cloth, using warm water and gently dab the affected area. You can use a small amount of liquid detergent to your cloth if needed. Use a different portion of the cloth to remove any soap residue.

You can also hand wash in the sink with a very small amount of mild detergent. Allow the amigurumi to soak for an hour. Squish it a bit to get the water all the way through. Rinse until water is clear and then squish in a towel to remove as much water from the filling as possible. Allow to dry for 48 hours to let the inside dry.

If you do use the washing machine, use a mesh laundry/lingerie bag to prevent damage to small parts. Always wash on the gentle cycle. After removing from the washer, fluff back up and redistribute any of the filling. Allow to dry for 48 hours.

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